Media accreditation and registration for the ITU 2018 Plenipotentiary Conference is now open and is being processed exclusively online.  

Media accreditation is required to attend the event, and is strictly reserved for members of the press who represent a bona fide media organization (e.g. editorial staff of publications/news wire services, press photographers and TV/radio crews representing a recognized media organization).

Freelance journalists, including photographers, will be asked to provide clear documentation that they are on assignment for a specific news organization or publication. 

Bloggers may be granted accreditation if blog content is deemed relevant to the industry, contains news commentary, is regularly updated and made publicly available. Corporate bloggers are not considered members of the press.       

Media accreditation is not granted to non-editorial staff working for a publishing house (e.g. management, marketing, advertising executives); to researchers, authors and editors of directories; to the information outlets of governments, non-governmental organizations and private companies which are not first and foremost media organizations. 

▶ ▶ The PP-18 online media registration process is now OPEN ◀ ◀

Please read ITU’s full media accreditation process on our website prior to applying for registration to this event.

 For additional information, please contact: