Heads of Delegation,
distinguished colleagues,
ladies and gentlemen.

At this pleasant moment, I have to start with my sincere profound gratitude to you all for allowing me to serve for the UNION once more as TSB Director for the next four years until 2022. I deeply appreciate your trust and confidence in me and in the future of TSB.

My deep gratitude to my country, Rep. of Korea, for presenting me again in this important role. My sincere appreciation to honourable Minister Young-Min YOU and Korean delegations who supported me during the election. I would also like to express my special gratitude to my fellow Elected Officials, who helped me smoothly on-board as a new member of the management team four years ago and endless helped me during the first term.

I would like to take this opportunity to deliver my special thanks to all ITU staff, in particular TSB staff who provide me with excellent and tireless support at every moment. And also I could not forget my thanks to the participants and the leadership of ITU-T TSAG, Study Groups, Focus Groups and other events which provide essential energy for the ITU-T as well as TSB.

Mr. Chairman,

Technology developments of ICT continue their speed, faster and faster… with a huge influence on our society, not only on Telecom but also on all other industry sectors, which shows more than convergence. Today, ICTs are at the center of digital transformation of society; bringing new air into every corner of our daily life. We wish to ensure our daily life is Smarter with digital innovation, but also Trustworthy. I firmly believe ITU should continue its role in making our lives smarter and trustworthy, including the people who are still unconnected as well as women and people who need special assistance through ICTs.

TSB should provide an effective and efficient platform to the ITU-T expert groups to produce valuable standards. And TSB also acts as an integrated and inclusive platform to collaborate and harmonize with other bureaus as well as with other relevant organizations.

Mr. Chairman, before I conclude my speech at this very important moment, I would like to thank my family, my lovely wife YeonSoo KIM, including my son JeongSun and daughter EunSun. They give all their support to me so I can focus on my duties, praying to GOD at every moment.

I look forward to working together with you for the next four years and thank you all again.

Dr Chaesub LEE