Distinguished delegates,

It is a great honour for me to attend the Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunication Union. On behalf of the Government of Ukraine let me welcome all participants of the event, and express gratitude to the International Telecommunication Union and the Government of the United Arab Emirates for the great conference preparation in the hospitable and warm Dubai.

Ukraine is gradually achieving the goals of the Connect 2020 Agenda and consolidating its efforts with international partners to achieve maximum progress in information society development and taking advantages of innovative ICTs for the prosperity of the economy and the State. The Government of Ukraine approved the Concept for the Development of the Digital Economy and Society of Ukraine by 2020. This is the Digital Strategy of Ukraine’s transformation in the most promising areas through stimulating the economy and attracting investments, bridging the digital divide, deepening cooperation with the EU in the digital sphere and innovation infrastructure development of the State.

In this respect, our country has achieved positive results over the past year. Let me announce some of them. The number of Internet users in Ukraine exceeded 65%, the broadband penetration level is 45%. Internet access service in Ukraine is one of the cheapest in the world. The mobile usage rate is more than 130%. Capital investments in the IT sphere have increased by 3.5% over the year. Ukraine is up 2 points in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking and has gone up 7 in the Global Innovation Index ranking. Ukraine’s strong points are: Internet connection speed, e-democracy, the use of Big Data, the quality of training (there is high ratio of teachers to students in Ukraine; significant number of female researchers and graduates of scientific specialties).

4G and digital radio have been launched in Ukraine this year. Analogue broadcasting has been terminated since September 2018. Releasing analogue frequencies is a key to the early 5G introduction, a powerful boost to Ukraine’s transition to innovation-based economy and digital society.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Government of Ukraine let me express appreciation for the international support for sovereign right of Ukraine to regulate its own telecommunications and use its own radio frequencies and numbering resources within its territory recognized in accordance with international law, the fundamental principles enshrined in the Constitution, the Convention and the ITU Radio Regulations.

We express our special and personal gratitude to the ITU Secretary-General, Mr. Houlin Zhao.

Ukraine builds its national digital space in the harsh environment of the hybrid war, overcoming the challenges of modern cyber threats and information aggression. Cyber security is the integral part of the National Security of Ukraine. The Law of Ukraine “On the Basic Principles of ensuring Cyber Security of Ukraine” became the basis for the development of a modern, integrated system of cyber security of the state. A series of national cyber security decisions have already been implemented: the state cyber protection circuit was created, the National Telecommunications Network is being developed, the National Cyber Threat Response Centre was founded and the Governmental Team CERT-UA has been modernized.

These solutions, which correspond to the latest world analogues, have become possible due to the powerful Ukrainian IT potential, public-private interaction and international cooperation. These days we are increasing the resilience and stability of the national cyber protection circuit, up-scaling it to the critical infrastructure of Ukraine.

Ukraine is gradually implementing a reform package, restoring economy and financial stability, overcoming corruption, building a safe and confident cyberspace, providing conditions for successful development and demonstrating fulfilment of international commitments.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Being an active participant to the ITU, Ukraine supports main strategic goals and targets of the Union. Ukrainian experts are constantly involved in the work of Study Groups of all ITU sectors, contributing to the development of international standards, reports and documents. Working toward the WRC-19, we pay great attention to research for the development of IMT.

Our State was elected twice as a Member of the ITU Council. The representative of Ukraine, Dr. Khairov, was elected at the PP-14 as a Member of the Radio Regulations Board. We are honoured to continue active work in the ITU to contribute to the development of telecommunications in the interests of all member states of the Union.

Distinguished colleagues,

I request your support for the Ukraine’s candidacy of Dr. Ievgen Khairov for re-election to the post of the Member of the Radio Regulations Board of the International Telecommunication Union from the Region C.

I wish all participants of the Plenipotentiary Conference success, new constructive ideas and solutions!