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1. How do I create or update my ITU User Account?

Please visit the ITU User Account Management website. Should you require support related to your ITU User Account, please contact

2. I cannot access my ITU User Account / I experience difficulties when trying to create my User Account. What should I do?

Should you require support related to your ITU User Account, please contact

3. Will there be remote participation at PP-22?

For the first time for a plenipotentiary conference, remote participation will be possible for registered participants to PP-22. Regardless of the option selected at registration, all registered participants will have the possibility to attend remotely by connecting to a virtual platform using their ITU User Account. Further information on remote participation can be found here.

4. Is it mandatory for all participants to provide their passport details when filling out the PP-22 online registration form?

Because a registration request, once approved by the corresponding focal point, allows for both on-site and remote participation, passport details are required for all participants, whether they intend to participate remotely or onsite. For technical reasons, it is not possible to submit a registration request without completing the passport detail section of the online registration form.

5. Once I have registered, and regardless of the option I selected when I register, can I participate on-site and/or remotely?

On the online registration form, the option ‘participating remotely’ is only to give the secretariat an indication on the participants’ intentions. Even if you check the ‘participating remotely’ box, you can still participate physically. Inversely, if you did not check the box of participating remotely when you registered, you may still connect to the sessions offered with remote participation. Please note however that PP-22 is a physical meeting with extensive remote participation. Decisions will be taken in the Plenaries by delegates present in the room. A Member State which is unable to send a delegation to Bucharest to attend PP-22 will not be able to exercise its right to vote nor to sign the Final Acts of the Conference. In line with PP Resolution 167, the same applies for Member States whose delegates have registered to participate in the Conference only as remote participants (see more details under §6 at

6. How can I obtain visa support to travel to Bucharest, Romania?

The ITU secretariat cannot provide visa support for an event held outside Geneva, Switzerland. For visa support, please visit the Host Country website at or contact As the visa support service offered by the Host Country is for registered participants, please first register to the event and obtain the required focal point approval prior to contacting the Host Country for visa support.

7. Is there a deadline to register to PP-22?

There is no deadline to register. However, delegates who must apply for visas to travel to Bucharest, Romania are advised to register (and obtain focal point approval) as early as possible to give enough time for visa request processing. Please also note that accommodation availability may also be reduced as the conference date approaches.

8. Who can participate in PP-22?

Click here for information on the categories of ITU Members entitled to participate in PP-22. Please note that ITU Sector Members under CV230 (Other Entities), ITU Associates, and Academia members are not admitted to the Plenipotentiary Conference. Per the usual for ITU statutory events, all registration requests have to be approved by the corresponding focal point (TIES restricted).

9. What does it mean to participate in PP-22 as a representative of an Observer entity?

Click here for information on the categories of ITU Members entitled to participate in PP-22. Please refer to Resolution 145 (Antalya, 2006) on Participation of observers in conferences, assemblies and meetings of the Union, including Annexes 2 and 3 on the rights to be conferred on the organizations, agencies and entities which are admitted to participate as observers in conferences, assemblies and meetings of the Union in accordance with relevant provisions of the ITU Convention.

10. Where can I find a list of participants registered to the Conference?

The list of registered participants is available here (TIES restricted).

11. Is there a fee applicable to participate in PP-22?

There is no fee for Member State representatives to register and participate in PP-22. Concerning the participation of Observers, reference is made to No. 476 of the Convention and Article 7, paragraphs 1b) and 5b) of the Financial Regulations, as well as to Resolution 145 (Antalya, 2006), in particular Section I of its Annex 3, which are applicable to this Conference. Observer Organizations by virtue of Nos 269A to 269D of the Convention and ITU Sector Members by virtue of Nos 229 and 231 of the Convention of the ITU are referred to circular letter DM-22/1008 concerning non-exempted Observer Organizations and Sector Members and how their effective participation will involve defraying the expenses of the Conference. Please contact the ITU secretariat at for further information on such fees. For the other categories of ITU member representatives admitted to PP-22 (also see “Who can participate in PP-22“), their registration and participation will be free-of-charge.

12. Is there a maximum number of participants allowed per Delegation?

Delegations and Observers may designate and register as many representatives as deemed necessary. There is no limitation on the number of delegates and observers attending the Conference.

13. Is there a maximum number of Heads or Deputy Heads per Delegation?

There is no maximum number of Heads or Deputy Heads per Delegation. Please inform the PP-22 Registration Service in case a Head of Delegation/Deputy Head of Delegation should be replaced by another delegate of the same delegation. Heads or Deputy Heads of Delegations should preferably be kept as function for delegates who have an active role in the Conference. Please note that the functions “Head of Delegation, Deputy Head of Delegation, Delegate” are normally reserved for delegations of Member States. Sector Members and other participants should select the function “Observer”.

14. I am a registered delegate, can my spouse/companion access the event venue?

Following the same registration process as the PP-22 delegates, spouses/companions should register to the event to access the venue, including providing their passport details. They should select the function “spouse” on the registration form so that they register but do not appear on the list of participants neither be considered as part of a delegation. As all registrations must be validated by the corresponding focal point, delegates may wish to inform their focal point about this option. Should a spouse/companion require visa support, they should follow the same process as the delegate they accompany. Please note that spouses/companions will be able to access the plenaries and substantive committees only (Committee 5, Committee 6, and the Working Group of the Plenary). No remote participation will be allowed for spouses/companions.

15. Where can I find further information on Romania, the city of Bucharest, visas, travel, and accommodation for the Conference?

Please visit the Host Country website at

16. Is there financial support available in participate in PP-22?

No fellowship or financial support may be awarded for ITU treaty-making conferences such as PP-22. Read more on ITU’s policy for awarding fellowships.

17. Some PP-22 documents are password protected; how can I obtain access?

Certain PP-22 documents and electronic resources require TIES access. Please log into your ITU User Account to request TIES access (for further information see video | PDF). Please also note that your registration to PP-22 does not guarantee TIES access. Should you require further support regarding TIES access, please contact