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In recent years, the growing number of vehicles crossing Bucharest has led to an increase in the level of pollution caused by congested traffic in this region. Authorities have already taken important steps at local, regional and national level to reduce air quality deterioration and one of them was to raise awareness level among population about this. In this respect, more and more Bucharest-Ilfov region’s citizens are using non-polluting individual means of transport both, to reduce travel times and to join the fight against pollution and climate change. Therefore, the field of sustainable mobility is in full development also in the country but especially in Bucharest, where the inhabitants of this region have more and more ecological alternative modes of transport trying to reduce both, pollution generated by the transport sector and time spent in congested traffic. Public transport in Bucharest is mainly with Euro 6 and hybrid buses as well as trams and trolleybuses. The healthiest and most flexible transport method is also available and easily accessible in Bucharest and it is powered by your own energy: the bicycle. In addition, electric scooters are available throughout Bucharest. They have the advantage that they can move faster during periods of peak hour traffic congestion, are powered by electricity, and do not emit polluting gases, such as conventional vehicles. These also take up less space on the streets, so more people can travel faster than with personal cars.  
Individual transportation arrangements, such as rental of cars or vans, are strongly discouraged. Delegates are encouraged to walk to the venue, or make use of bicycles or public transport. You can find information on public transportation here.