Protocol services

The following special procedures and services are available for VIP delegates. For full details, please consult Circular letter CL-22/27.

Special procedures for high-level delegates’ registration

All high-level delegates (VIPs) must register online using the online registration system. Alternatively the Registration Focal Point (RFP) can register high-level delegates (Ministers and close protection, other ministerial-level delegates and Ambassadors) on their behalf through the RFP registration approval platform selecting the 2022 Plenipotentiary Conference and then “Register High-level Delegates”.

Please note that all registered participants, including VIPs must provide their passport details when filling out the online registration form to comply with security requirements.

It is to be noted that this service is provided to facilitate VIP registration for their physical participation.  It does not automatically provide them with an ITU User Account which is required to connect remotely to virtual sessions, nor TIES access to documentation. For all delegates, including VIPs, wishing to participate remotely, an individual ITU user account and online registration is compulsory.

Arrivals and departure at Henri Coandă International Airport

Welcome and information desks will be made available at Henri Coandă International Airport during arrivals within the luggage belt area, indicated by special signs. Dedicated passport control check points for PP-22 participants may be set, if needed, during peak periods of arrivals and departures. For delegates with Diplomatic Passports, a diplomatic check point will be made available for arrivals and departures. The Host Country will put in place a special protocol for welcoming VVIPs.

VIP Airport Lounge

The VIP Airport Lounge, which is in a separate terminal, will only be made available for one VIP per delegation for their arrival and departure. The VIP delegate welcomed through the VIP Airport Lounge will be met at the door of the airplane and transported to the lounge by vehicle (a maximum of a VIP +1 will be able to be transported to the lounge). A Host Country Protocol Representative/Liaison, as well as Embassy representatives, if available, will greet the VIP in the lounge. Passport control and luggage retrieval will be handled by the Airport VIP Lounge services. VIP delegates requesting the VIP Airport Lounge service are encouraged to use a distinctive luggage tag/sticker or e-photo image to facilitate identification by airport staff. A model of the tag/sticker will be made available upon confirmation of the service by the Host Country Protocol.

The itinerary and other pertinent information of the one VIP per delegation requesting the VIP Airport Lounge service needs to be provided as soon as possible, and no later than 10 September 2022, to the designated Host Country Focal Point, Mr Alexandru Ion Ionașcu (, to ensure this service is afforded. To do so please complete the online form accessible with an ITU user account with TIES access rights, with the necessary required information.

Embassies in Bucharest meeting and greeting their Minister are advised to request clearance to access the VIP Airport Lounge, 48 hours in advance, by contacting with the names of staff, driver, and license plates of the official vehicle/s for access to the Lounge. For VIPs arriving by private flights, overflight and landing permissions should be obtained and informed through appropriate diplomatic channels. Delegations will have to make the necessary arrangements for ground services. For departures, all VIPs should be present at the airport two hours before scheduled take-off to complete all formalities.

Transportation for VIP delegates

Transfer service for all accredited delegation members from the Airport to the recommended hotels, and from the recommended hotels to the Conference venue will be provided. The list of recommended hotels can be found at

Special transport will be put in place for Heads of State or Government, as per national protocol and applicable security risk measures.

Embassies and Consulates in Bucharest are welcome to provide transportation for their participating Ministers. Upon request, and for the one VIP per delegation a designated car and driver will be provided for the duration of their stay during PP-22. This service begins on arrival and ends on departure from the Airport VIP Lounge (see above). The request should be done through the online form accessible with an ITU user account with TIES access rights or addressed to the Host Country Focal Point:

Access to the conference center for VIPs

A designated VIP drop-off/pick-up point and limited vehicle waiting area will be made available at the conference venue main entrances. As a security measure, all VIP participants, with the exception of VVIPs, are required to wear a photo badge and to use the security badge scanning equipment when accessing the conference venue. All participants need to also carry a National ID or official travel document with photo, in case the venue security requests to see a secondary piece of ID. A fast-track access via the security screening area will be available for VIPs with the distinctive pin and lanyard.

VVIP & VIP lounges and meeting rooms

For attending Heads of State/Government, a VVIP Lounge will be made available with special and restricted measures. A VIP Lounge will be made available with restricted access for VIPs delegates.

A limited number of bilateral meeting rooms will be made available for VIPs. Requests for private bilateral meeting rooms will be on first-come, first-served basis and subject to time restrictions (these can be booked by time slots of 30-90 minutes, with a maximum two non-consecutive requests per delegation per day) and prior confirmation by ITU Protocol. Delegations are requested to send their reservation requests in advance by completing a reservation form that will be made available upon request or directly at the Protocol Office at the conference venue. For any further information, please contact the ITU Protocol Service, Mr Mario Castro Grande (

Dedicated events for VVIP & VIP organized by the Host Country

The Host Country will host a series of events for VVIPs & VIPS including:

  • On Sunday, 25 September, a Ministerial Round table as well as a dedicated classical music concert and cocktail at the Romanian Atheneum (
  • On the morning of Friday, 30 September, a “Strengthening Women’s Empowerment and Leadership in the ITU” High-level Panel and Networking Breakfast together with ITU and Australia in the Palace of Parliament.
  • In the evening of Tuesday, 4 October, a dedicated musical show and cocktail at the National Bucharest Opera (

Please note that VIP courtesies and services may be subject to changes as a result of new information, changes in process requirements and the availability of resources.