Social events

Social events (coffee breaks, lunch time/evening receptions) at PP-22 are highly appreciated occasions where participants connect, network and refresh between sessions during the Conference. Hosting a social event offers a unique opportunity for Member States and other interested parties to engage with the delegations, raise awareness and for promotional purposes.

ITU Protocol Service maintains and coordinates a calendar of such events to inform Member States and other Conference participants. Interested parties planning to hold a social event must first liaise and coordinate with the ITU Protocol Service before proceeding with final arrangements for the date and time of a proposed social event.

The ITU Protocol Service will assist, to the extent possible, in identifying available slots and serve as a go-between, to avoid possible scheduling conflicts, as well as to provide the local contact details regarding booking of venues and other related services (catering, transport, etc.). Reservations of time slots will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.

As a matter of courtesy, scheduling of social events during formal working sessions should be avoided in order to not impact on the work of the Conference. It is also customary to reserve, exclusively, the first evening of PP-22 for the Host Country Welcome Reception, so that no other event organizer would hold a reception that evening.

A copy of the invitation, indicating whether the event is open to all participants or with limited participation, should be sent to for approval. Please note that invitation cards and other materials for social events should not bear any ITU logo or any conspicuous reference and signs that may suggest or even infer ITU’s endorsement of the event. There will be no paper or electronic invitation distribution provided by ITU Protocol. RSVPs, if required, will be managed by the event organizer.

Social events and related information will be posted and updated on the PP-22 programme website (TIES protected). The daily calendar of social events will be shown on screens in the conference venue and will be announced on the day by the Secretary of the meeting taking place beforehand.

Except for this service, the ITU shall not take responsibility for logistical or other arrangements of social events. These are strictly the responsibility of the organizer of each event.

For all enquiries regarding social events during PP-22, please contact